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Escape Travel offers packaged holidays to all corners of the world based on scheduled flights. It is a company of skilled travel makers.

Cruising by longships on the most beautiful rivers of the world is the fastest-growing segment for Escape. To sail gently on original trade routes as the Douro, the Seine, the Danube or the Mekong and visit cities like Porto, Paris, Budapest, Vienna or Phnom Penh offers memories of a lifetime. No wonder happy passengers return.

About the company

With the merger of Escape Travel and Sabra Tours in 2014, Escape became the largest scheduled flight based tour operator in Norway. In Sweden, during 2015, Escape Travel and Iceland Explorer merged operations to become one company – Escape Travel Sweden. Escape travel makers and their guides collaborate to select special places of interest and itineraries that inspire. Our aim is to offer the best group travel to destinations around the world.

Our brands

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Escape Travel

Escape has a wide range of products for both group and individual travellers. They are market leaders in sales of river cruises, ocean cruises, choir and wind band trips, cultural tours and sports travel. Sales are conducted online and direct with the travel makers. Escape’s head office is in Oslo, Norway – with a branch office in Sandared, southeast of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Carpe Diem

A sub-brand of Escape in Norway, Carpe Diem offers a range of group tours for single travellers.

Their motto; travel alone – with others. Carpe Diem offers cultural tours, culinary tours and adventure travel all with tour leaders.

Logo for is the market leading cruise agent in Norway. The company was started in 2007 and works with selected major international cruise lines. is especially strong in the premium segment of the market. Escape aquired in January 2018. In November 2019 was merged with Escape Travel and the operation moved to the Escape head office at Helsfyr in Oslo

Prima Travel

In March 2019 Escape Travel Group acquired the Gothenburg-based Prima Travel. A market leader for hiking and biking trips. Prima was started in 1996 and offers both group and individual trips. The main destinations are in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. In november 2020 Prima merged with Escape Travel Sweden AB to become part of the Escape product range.
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Escape Travel is present in Norway and Sweden with their main focus on group travel. In January 2020 the brand Escapeaway was launched in Denmark, Sweden and Norway to fill the customers needs for dynamic packaging of hotels, flights and transfers. Escapeaway offers departures from all Scandinavian airports using the major airlines including low-cost airlines like Ryanair, and Wizz Air. Over 4,500 hotels, apartments, villas and cabins are offered on-line. Some 1,000 of these are accomodations not offered by competing brands. In February 2020, the brands In-Italia and Hideaways were incorporated into the Ecapeaway product range. This means all of our products are now available on-line in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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Solfaktor became the second brand of the tour operator Escapeaway in January 2022. While the brand Escapeaway is known for a curated hotel product based on strong customer reviews, Solfaktor is the mass market brand with hotel accommodation from two star to five star properties. Solfaktor gives you a wider choice of hotels at all price levels. It has a history as a brand in the Norwegian market since 2000.

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Escape Travel

Danish Escape Travel carry out customer support on behalf of the Norwegian tour operator Escapeaway. The tour operator sells flight and hotels online in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The focus in Escape Travel is customer support for Danish and Swedish guests. Escapeaway has two brands: Solfaktor with a mass market dynamic packing product and Escapeaway with a curated hotel product based on strong customer reviews.

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Indre Østfold Reisebyrå

The sport tour operator Indre Østfold Reisebyrå opened it’s doors in 1984. They are the market leading tour operator for training camps and tournaments for kids, tweens and teenagers playing soccer and handball. Indre Østfold also arranges training camps for swimming clubs. In addition they can help with group travel for supporters and incentive travel for companies to sporting events in and outside of Europe. The tour operator was acquired by Escape Travel in 2021 and merged with Escape in November 2023.


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Tor Johan Pedersen


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